Butter Board

butter board

Wooden board or a flat platter

Butter – room temperature

Jam of your choice

Hot sauce or ground cayenne

Prosciutto (cut in ½)  or any deli meat

Chopped Walnuts or any nut you wish


Balsamic vinegar

Salami chips

Spicy honey

Variety of Breads and Crackers

I have no amounts for the ingredients because a Butter Board should be all you!

Spread the butter over your board

Top w/jam and a sprinkle of hot sauce or ground cayenne

Lay the prosciutto on top of the butter hot sauce

Toss the arugula w/balsamic vinegar (not a ton) and toss it on the board

add arugula and

Meat the Crunch Salami Chips crunched up and spread around the top right before serving 

Top off w/spicy honey

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